Apr. 22nd, 2002

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current mood: exhaustion
current music: Mogwai
current taste: Flat Coke and stale cigarettes
current hair: 1/4" of fuzz, greasy due to lack of time or will for showering of late
current dress: sweater, cargoes, flip-flops
current grievance: The injustice of finals week
current annoyance: the continued ineptitude of the Cubs
current smell: air
current stupid musing: no time for musings, stupid or otherwise
current longing: relaxation and sweet, decadent irresponsibility
current game: trying to keep my eyelids pried open
current thing I ought to be doing: studying yet-more biochemistry
current windows open: This one, Biochem350 page, my portal page, Eudora, Trillian, Winamp
current desktop picture: A galaxy of some sort from APotD
current favourite artist: Beth Orton, Automator
current favourite group: Fugazi
current book: The Possessed, by Dostoevsky
current cds in stereo: There are 101. Mogwai is playing at the moment, as mentioned.
current video in VCR: None. Last watched Zoolander I think.
current colour of toenails: Toenail-color, except one which is purple, from soccer.
current earrings: Nyet
current refreshment: flat Coke, peanuts
current worry: How will all of this work get done in two short weeks? And will I still find a way to enjoy my graduation and savor the rest of my time here, and see everyone I want to see before they leave town, and so on, and so on? Unlikely, which really sucks.
current malicious intent: I've never been much of a malicious intender
current misguided opinion: That I can do it all, somehow
current crush: Natalie Portman. Girl can write a mu'fuckin essay like nobody's business. [chauvinism]And she's really hot, too[/chauvinism]
current favourite (semi) celebrity: Yakov Smirnoff
current time wasting wish: Right now I'd just like to go on some kind of wild, nihilistic, two-week bender. But, I won't, of course.
current hate: The political climate, as per usual


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