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1. Full name: jared dean dunn
2. Natural hair color at birth: blonde
3. Hair color currently: brown
5. Eye color currently: grey
6. Height currently: five nine
7. Glasses/contacts: yes / occasionally
8. Birthdate: 10/09/78
9. Nicknames: nope, not anymore
10. Current age: 23
11. Parents married: yes
12. Siblings: one / sister / 20
13. Location: my room, at school, which is over, thankfully
14. School attending: university of illinois
17. College planned major: cell & structural biology / philosophy
18. College planned minor: none
19. Any piercings: no
20. Any tattoos: no

~Social Life~
1. Best friend: garic
2. Girlfriend/boyfriend? no
4. Hobbies: reading / writing / web stuff / soccer / photography
6. Pager: no
8. What do you drive? '90 chevy blazer
9. What type of automobile do you wish you drive?: a newer more environmentally conscious, reliable one.
10. Who do you know personally that has the best car: no idea. most of my friends have pretty crappy cars, or none at all. I'm beginning to think that's no coincidence :]
12. Where is the best hangout?: our porch in the summer, the "situation room"(our basement room with bar / foosball / nintendo /etc) in the winter. Murphy's pub and the quad all year round.
13. Do you have a job?: no. currently looking again.
14. If yes, where?:
15. Do you like being around people?: sometimes yes, sometimes, not so much

1. Describe you in 4 words: right now - sick, relaxed, cold, content
2. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with?: yes
3. Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: yes
4. Do you have a type of person you always go after?: um, smart? is that a type?
5. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you?: no. well, not for more than a few minutes.
6. Ever been lied to by a significant other?: yes
7. Do you want someone or something you don't have right now?: yes
8. Ever liked a close boy friend? no, but the opposite, yes.
9. Are you lonely right now?: no
10. Ever afraid you will never get married?: afraid isn't really the word. I'm pretty up in the air on the whole idea of marriage at this stage in my life.
11. Do you want to get married?: not sure
12. Do you want kids?: not sure either
13. If you could change somethings in your life, what would you change?: I'd redo the past 4 years with the knowledge I have now

~in the last 2 weeks have you~
1. Cried: yes
2. Bought something: plane ticket to Boston
3. Gotten sick: yep. i've got a post-finals cold or flu brewing
4. Sang: yes
5. Eaten: no. I haven't eaten in 2 weeks. sheesh.
6. Been kissed: no
7. Felt stupid: yes. but not due to school
8. Said I love you: yes
9. Wanted to tell someone you loved them but you didn't: no
10. Met someone new: no
11. Had a serious talk: yes
12. Missed someone: yes
13. Hugged someone: yes
14. Fought with a friend: no
15. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: no
16. Had enough sleep: not by a long shot
17. Something you love to say: i've been doing a lot of grumbling and sighing under my breath at various stacks of biology notes. not that though. I guess.. snow!
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