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Wow, I haven't touched this thing in awhile. It's been slim picken's on the memes lately. Anyway, I guess I'll join the herd and partake of a...

Friday Five
1) have you ever had braces? any other teeth trauma? Yeah, 6th-8th grade. I had lousy teeth. Like, such a big gap between the front two that I could whistle, in almost perfect imitation of an actual referee's whistle, between them. No appliances though. I've still got permanent retainers on the backs of them, though they aren't working so well, as the bastards are starting to wander again the last couple of years. I've also go a chipped front tooth, as a result of an unfortunate soccer incident involving my face and a goalpost.

2) ever broken any bones? Nope. Worst I've done is a dislocated finger. It popped right back in.

3) ever had stitches? Nope. I still don't believe that I've gotten off so easy, considering how many stupid things(jumping off bridges and roofs, sledding down dams, riding my big wheel down the stairs, bb gun fights, etc, etc) I did and sports I played as a kid.

4) what are the stories behind some of your (physical) scars? I don't have many. One on my forehead, mostly under the eyebrow, the product of a run-in with a tennis racket. A couple of little knee scars, from kamikaze bike wrecks when I was little. The only really visible one is on my right arm, the remains of a strawberry-like wound I sustained playing small-goal soccer on concrete. I kept picking at it, and it didn't fully heal for months, leaving a nickel-sized scar(which is now fading) in its wake.

5) how do you plan to spend your weekend? Studying biochem, reading Rorty, Tolstoy, and Rousseau, doing laundry, writing email and web stuff, playing pool, having a Super Bowl party(we don't really care about the game that much, but it's a great excuse to get together and drink and do other stereotypical male type stuff.)
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