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WALLET: Tattered black old wal-mart special. I used to use a really cool hand-me-down from my great-grandpa, but I had to retire it for fear that it might disintegrate on me.

HAIR-BRUSH: No need, due to my Moby-esque do.

TOOTHBRUSH: Some kind of generic Oral-B knockoff. blue and white and getting too old. It gets the job done, though.

JEWELRY WORN DAILY: None. I've never been a jewelry wearer, for whatever reasons.

PILLOW COVER: A blue/green plaid thingy.

COFFEE CUP: Not a coffee drinker. My mug for other purposes is an old Chicago Cubs one.

SUNGLASSES: I haven't had any in forever, since I never wear my contacts anymore. The coolest pair I ever had cost 3 bucks at a gas station. They were shiney and silver and bugeyed, and fit my head just right, which is a rarity. I lost them when I left them in the grass at a pickup soccer game my senior year of high school.

SHOES: A mix of old indoor soccer kicks and chuck taylors.

NAILPOLISH: nope. occasionally in high school, when I was always around bored chicks who liked to paint other people's nails.

KEYCHAIN: A mini soccer ball, plus a free promo keychain from a cubs game. 11 keys. 2 for the blazer. 1 for the bike lock, 2 for the house front door(bolt and knob), 1 for my room door. 1 for my dad's business. 1 for my house back in Mattoon. 2 lab and building keys from my old job that I need to return sometime soon here. 1 to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Ok, so ten keys, really.

COMPUTER: A heavily upgraded and abused old Dell optiplex Gs+ 200. With lots of neat stickers and graffiti on it.

FAVORITE TOP: I like some of my goofy t-shirts more than others. My Tick shirt, and my Atom and His Package "Go Metric Now" shirt are favorites. I also have a worn corduroy jacket that I bought for a quarter and wear incessantly, because it's really badass.

FAVORITE PANTS: I wear the crap out of a pair of grey Lee Dungarees, because they're spacious and comfortable and well broken-in.

SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER: Usually that cheapo Suave stuff. Kills two birds w/ one stone and all that.

PERFUME: I'm starting to think this survey was directed more at those of the female persuasion, but when have I ever been one to respect gender classifications? Anyway, no cologne, which I guess would be the male equivalent or something. And perfume on most women sucks too, because they always use too much. Subtlety, people.

CDS IN THE STEREO: before: Marvin Gaye - Greatest Hits now: Pearl Jam - Vs on deck: Fugazi - The Argument

CAR: A '90 chevy blazer, grey, rusting around the edges, 124k+ miles. Still truckin after 7 years together.

TELEVISION: In storage somewhere at home. I've got a tuner card in the dell that I use now and again, mainly for news, simpsons, and baseball.

STEREO: A nice Pioneer receiver and 100 disk changer, but w/ crappy speakers salvaged from various shelftop systems. I sort of ran out of money midway through the building of my system. But, it works fine for now, when I only have a relatively small room to deal with anyway.

TELEPHONE: I don't even have one in my room right now. The phone and I are on uneasy terms. When necessary, I use one of the cordless phones lying around the house.

CELLPHONE: Nope. I might succumb someday, once they come up with a good cellphone/pda combo, but I certainly won't leave the bastard turned on all of the time.

PRINTER: Compaq inkjet knockoff. Doesn't work very well, but, well, I never print anything unless I have to to turn it in anyway.

DESK: Ancient and massive particle-board computer desk. It holds the pc, monitor, stereo, and lots of other crap with slightly-sagging aplomb.
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I know what I'll use this space for! Silly memes! To wit...[via mollie].

two things about food
1) I've never been all that fond of it.
2) I need to learn to be more open to trying new foods and tastes.

two things about music
1) It's one of the few constants that always makes life better, no matter what else is going on.

2) I wish I new more about it, theory-wise. I know what I like, but I don't know why I like it. In the same vein, I also wish I could write and/or play it, but it's one of the few things I've tried at which I have been an utter failure.

two things about other people
1) They scare the hell out of me, in the abstract.
2) But, some of them also suprise and astound and fulfill me, so I do my best to fight that fear.

two things about school
1) It seems too much like a job anymore.
2) I need to find a grad school that isn't like this, or else I need to find a path outside of academia to follow.

two things about comfort
1) There's nothing like a warm, toasty bed on these chilly fall nights.
2) I need to find more ways to be comfortable in my own skin. I rarely am anymore.

two things missed
1) sleep
2) my friends(the ones who aren't here, of course)

two weird things
1) Timecube!
2) Would you believe that I once had a reputation as a class clown?


Oct. 7th, 2001 03:52 am
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There's not much to see here right now. I mainly signed up so I can jabber at a few of my friends on their sites. Most of my web stuff goes on at http://suspensionofdisbelief.org

But, who knows, maybe I'll feel like compartmentalizing someday, and end up using this for something or other. Stranger things have happened.


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